Give Children A Choice’s support comes in many different forms. We have financial supporters, people who travel with us to remote villages we are currently working in, and people who have generously donated time, clothing, school supplies and other much needed items for our children. We greatly appreciate all the support we have received and with steady assistance, we will continue to make a difference.

2020 Partners

Amazon Smile *
Maria Arminio
Sandra Berg *
Paokong Chang
Mark Conley
Ben and Debbie Davis *
Ashley Hillyer
Pinna Joseph
Vutiny Marnell
Rhoda Miller *
Karen Moen
Peter Ong
Paypal Giving Fund*
Becky Rabel
Renton Yap
Quenna Vuong
Dee Xiong
Joua Xiong
Ka Xiong

2019 Partners

Amazon Smile *
At and Marshall Allen
Dominic and Manoah Allen
Maria Arminio
Sandra Berg *
Paokong Chang
JP Morgan Chase
Ben and Debbie Davis *
Taag Her
Ashley Hillyer *
Rhoda Miller
Network for Good
PayPal Giving Fund *
Lyric Phonephet
Aiden Sayvongsane
Vatsana Sayvongsane
Barbara and Dori Shimoda
Dee Xiong
Gany Xiong
Joua Xiong *
Ka Xiong *
Kua Xiong
Chong Yang

* Multiple Donations