Souane Luang Village is located about 30 minutes east, southeast of Luang Prabang on the road to Vientiane to the south. The village is a district center for the Xieng Ngeun District, which is made up of many villages in the district.

Each district has heads for most of the government provincial departments and capital ministries, e.g., district education department, health department, policie/security department, etc.

Souane Luang was chosen for a Give Children A Choice preschool, because it was a high priority village for the provincial education department. Suane Luang is located on the Khan River, which is a key source of water, rocks/sand for building, fish for many villages along the river.

We built a one-room preschool for them with the support from Kim and Rob Carpenter, Maureen and Steve Rathgaber.

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We visited the preschool with books!, read the article here.