Phadaeng village was founded and named in 1982, Phadaeng means “red cliff”. Many villagers moved from a remote and isolated location Pha Village in Pak Ou District to be in closer to communications and transportation to neighboring villages.

The villagers are farmers. They grow and sell rice, sesame, job’s tear, and kenaf (flax skin) to nearby villages. Travel before 1994 between villages was slow. There were no roads. In 1994, a dirt road was constructed from Luang Prabang north to and past Phadaeng Village. At this time, many more families, particularly the Hmong, moved from mountain areas to Phadaeng.

Phadaeng village has 427 people and 73 families. The village is comprised of 43 Hmong families, 27 Lao Loum families and 3 Lao Theung families. Their fertile lands provide them enough food to live on and generate a minimal amount of cash to support basic family needs. There is no electricity in or immediate plans for electricity in this village. Villagers get their water from the Pa River. Most houses are sided with split bamboo walls and tin or thatched roofs. They are built on stilts (Lao Loum homes) and on the ground (Hmong homes).

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