Nongbia is home to our 10th preschool, a milestone that Give Children A Choice is very proud of. Located in Ngoi District, Nongbia is a small village located approximately three hours north of Luang Prabang and an hour from the Thai border. Nongbia’s rugged terrain and mountains covered with vegetation is home to 66 families.

The village of Nongbia is approximately 40 years old. Nongbia is located in an area that was heavily bombed during the Vietnam War, even today bomb craters are evident. Nongbia was created when several people, disabled from injuries sustained by the bombings, were relocated there. Most of the village elders are disabled. They make their living farming.

We first visited Nongbia in 2005, we immediately felt a connection with the people of the village and listened intently to their plea for help. We were the first nonprofit to visit the area. They hoped, as we did, that we would return with the good news that the children of the village would have a permanent preschool soon. We returned in February 2006 and were again motivated by the people and children of Nongbia to help. With us during this trip were two people who were so moved by the visit that they committed to fund a preschool in the village.

In late May 2006 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Luang Prabang Education Department and within days construction began. Construction was complete in late August 2006.

The Nongbia Preschool was made possible through the generous donations of Roberto Minervini and Denise Lee, Sasha Alyson and his parents, Agnes and Lyle Schaller.

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