Nong Khiew is the largest village we have built in to date. Our three-room preschool is set in the shadow of an impressive mountain that resembles a reclining woman and is, not surprisingly, called ‘Woman Mountain.’

Once we visited in July 2004, Give Children A Choice signed an MOU with the Luang Prabang Education Department in late August 2004, and construction was completed in December 2004.

Nong Khiew preschool is currently home to over 100 preschool aged children!

Nong Khiew Village is located on the Ou River, two hours north of Luang Prabang and less than an hour from the Thailand border. The majestic terrain is highlighted by mountains, which are characteristically draped with vegetation above and encompassed by stark, vertical faces. These mountains host caves that provided shelter during the Vietnam War. In fact, bomb craters are still evident today, and many elders among the residents show injuries sustained from bombs and land mines.

The Luang Prabang Education Department and officials from the Ngoi District supported a very enthusiastic effort to build their school. Once the MOU was signed and construction began, the Nong Khiew preschool was completed in an amazing ten-week period!

Despite the sadness we feel for the history of war this town has endured, we are proud and thrilled for the village of Nong Khiew for their vision and ambition in building their preschool. They understand the importance of education and place a high priority in providing opportunities for their children to learn.

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