Completed in May 2004, the preschool at Mouang Khai was our fifth in eighteen months, and we at Give Children A Choice are extremely proud of that!

Mouang Khai village is on the main road heading south from Luang Prabang and is situated between Napho and Thapenh villages. Mouang Khai is a long established farming community, with rice paddies scattered throughout the village.

Mouang Khai Village is located approximately 20 km south of Luang Prabang. Our preschool is situated on a knoll on the outskirts of town with great views from all angles.

With a population of approximately 625 people, there are 30 enthusiastic, preschool-aged children in attendance at Give Children A Choice’s fifth preschool.

We have been fortunate to have participated in a ‘baci’ or celebration, each time a preschool is completed or when major additions are made to Give Children A Choice preschools.

Village elders host and perform this ceremony to thank those who have brought good fortune. Complete with chanting by the religious leader they present a centerpiece for the room on which there is food and dozens of cotton strings. Each elder takes a few of these symbolic strings and gently ties them on the wrists of their honored guests one by one, accompanied by a short prayer of thanks. When the ceremony is over, a meal is enjoyed by all.

The baci conducted in the Mouang Khai Village to celebrate the opening of their preschool was extra special. It was the first time preschool children themselves were allowed to attend the ceremony. The children were curious, well-behaved and beautiful in their appreciation, along with their parents and teachers.

Jill and Dain Ehring made the preschool for the Mouang Khai children possible.

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