Give Children A Choice’s programs and projects go beyond our excellent, long-lasting preschool construction and focus squarely on children’s education, health and welfare. We do not simply build schoolhouses. We create a unique connection with local officials and families that catalyze local communities with a sense of pride, responsibility and accomplishment. Once the preschools are built, we assist in attending these preschools with the children who are the future of their local communities.

Many children face a variety of unfortunate obstacles that prevent them from attending preschool. We make every effort to eliminate these obstacles.

In some villages:

  • children cannot afford to bring lunch to preschool. We provide a free lunch program, which costs only $35 per month for 30 children.
  • there are many sick children due to poor hygiene, health or nutrition. We conduct health fairs as a part of the preschool opening. We provide health, hygiene and nutrition education, free medical checkups, immunizations, medicine, vitamins and children’s informational brochures.
  • we are implementing a hygiene program to make soap available to children and to teach them the importance of handwashing. Parents in remote villages will be taught how to make soap for their family and make soap available in their village for a fraction of the cost of soap at the market.
  • parents can not afford tuition (required for primary school and above). Our preschools are tuition-free.
  • preschools cannot afford paper to draw on. We provide paper and other school supplies. $250 will pay for the necessary supplies for a preschool classroom for one year.
  • parents are embarrassed to send their children to preschool without a “nap” mat. We provide free mats for children. It costs $6 per mat, which last three to five years.

Our projects are initiated, completed, and made totally sustainable by the village leader and parents. We work hard to ensure attendance is 100%. Our approach is simple. We seek out and remove the barriers that prevent children from attending and performing well in preschool.

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