Dreams to help Lao children can be elusive for some.  One may have the passion and desires, but not the knowledge, access, skills or experience to fulfill one’s dream in Laos.

Give Children A Choice partnerships create win-win results.  A donor’s dream is fulfilled.  Children’s needs are fulfilled.

No matter the size.  No matter if it’s a school or a knitted hat or a legacy.  No matter if it’s a donation for our projects or a donation for one’s dream project.  It’s about fulfilling one’s dream.  We do the best we can to explore and fulfill the dream.

We take pride in our transparency and openness (sometimes blunt but with good intentions) to communicate, educate and deliver positive experiences with results that benefit Lao children and our partner.

There are some dreams that are larger, more complicated and require more planning.  For example, building a school or a kitchen or a library or a legacy.

We invite NGOs, aspiring NGOs, other organizations, long-term and one-time donors to explore the possibilities.  The approach takes time to engage partners in the process, but the investment in time delivers priceless, life-lasting experiential memories and success.  Give Children A Choice offers options that may work for you and us.  Samples of our past and current partnerships are found below.  Contact us for more information.

Helping CSOs/NGOs Achieve Success in Laos

  • A Hopeful Encounter (USA)
  • Green Community Development Association – GCDA (Laos)
  • Jhai Lao Foundation (USA)
  • Pencils of Promise (USA)
  • Schools for Thought (EU)
  • Fair Trade Laos (Laos)
  • Vientiane Rescue (Laos)

Building Schools – Give Children A Choice and partners build schools.

  • A Hopeful Encounter (USA)
  • American School of Vientiane (ASV) Alumni (USA, Australia)
  • B.L. Harbert (USA)
  • OCEF (USA, China)
  • First American Corporation (USA)
  • Legacies of War (USA)
  • Michael and Denise McCarthy Foundation (USA)
  • Pencils of Promise (USA)

Books and Libraries

  • Lao Emerald Friends (USA, Laos)
  • Thud Rumble (USA)

Children’s Health and Hygiene

  • Amatta Saboo (Laos)
  • CAWST (Canada)
  • Global HeartFelt Hatters (Laos)
  • Nourish Lao Children (USA)
  • St. Barnabas Hospital (USA)
  • Vitamin Angels (USA)
  • Women’s International Group (Laos)

Disabled, UXO Survivor, Children in Crisis Achieving Self-Sustainability

  • Bumrungrad International Hospital (Thailand)
  • Christian Foundation for the Blind – Thailand (Thailand)
  • Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman University (USA)
  • Lao Association for the Blind – Vientiane (Laos)
  • Makutkiriwan School for the Blind (Thailand)
  • UXO Clearance Laos (USA)
  • World Education (USA, Laos)

Voluntour Programs – Give Children A Choice complement tour company’s education or outdoor adventures with a humanitarian project

  • Wilderness Expertise (UK)
    • John Hampden Grammar School (UK)
    • Ranelagh School (UK)
  • Friendship Tours World Travel (USA)
    • Harvard Westlake School (USA)
    • Laguna Blanca School (USA)
  • SEALNet, Stanford University (USA)