Give Children A Choice’s core and founding mission is to build and fill preschools with children.

Give Children A Choice’s primary objective is to raise the educational achievement for elementary school girls and preschool children during the critical formative years of learning.  The benefits are life long.

During our early days in 2003, Give Children A Choice was alone with its focus on preschool education. Slowly, other NGOs developed preschool construction programs.  Give Children A Choice assisted and partnered with aspiring and established like-minded NGOs and organizations, interested in building preschool in Laos.  We’ve also partnered with organizations to build primary, secondary school, and a children’s learning center.

Give Children A Choice was thrilled to learn that the Ministry of Education and Sports declared preschool education as part of the national education system.  The Luang Prabang Education and Sports Department exclaimed on New Year’s Day 2015 that their provincial preschool program receive national notoriety, thanks to Give Children A Choice pioneering efforts in 2002.

Completed preschools are fully-furnished with desks, library, supplies; fully-equipped with electricity and lights/fans, running water with bathrooms and handwashing sinks; and staffed by paid government staff, trained in preschool education,

Filling preschools is about removing barriers that prevent children from attending and performing well in school.

Lunch programs, daily multiple vitamins, free medical checkups, health fairs, health hygiene and nutrition demonstrations contribute to helping fill preschools with healthy children.  Multiple vitamins improve preschoolers’ attendance and performance.  Knitted hats and scarves, donated clothes keep children warm during the cold winter months where temperatures dip to freezing.

All Give Children A Choice schools are built with children’s safety in mind.  They comply within Ministry of Education and Sports building specifications and are inspected by them.  In Xieng Khouang, school grounds are surveyed, cleared and certified to be unexploded ordnance free (UXO free) before construction begins.