Give Children A Choice pioneered preschool education in rural villages in Laos with the belief that education is a key driver to exiting poverty.  Education gives young people the ability to seek, think about and make choices.  Thus, the name Give Children A Choice.

Give Children A Choice believes that a child’s formative years from birth through 5 years old are the most important years of a child’s development.  Studies show that 90% of a child’s brain develops by the time a child reaches 6 years of age.  The brain’s ability to change based on experiences diminishes exponentially after five years of age.   85% of a child’s intellect, social skills and personality are developed.  Preschool education affects a child’s future in school and for life.

Give Children A Choice credits itself for building over 35 preschools in Laos.  It has been credited for enabling the construction of hundreds.  The Luang Prabang Education and Sports Department credits Give Children A Choice for pioneering preschool education in rural villages in their province, leading the country with the most extensive network of preschools.

Two Give Children A Choice’s principals moved to Laos to live the local education experience and the on-the-ground NGO experience in Laos.  Partnering with international and local development organizations expands its experience repertoire.  In the process, partners have fulfilled dreams to help the Lao children.

Give Children A Choice believes that new models must be developed, tested and implemented to enable villagers to self-sustain their children’s future education.  Social ventures are one means of enabling villages to accomplish this.

Give Children A Choice’s current mission focuses on