Give Children A Choice was pleased to attend the Formal Handover Ceremony for the Wall of Life at the Khon Kaen School for the Blind. We were warmly greeted by all the directors and staff for both the Christian Foundation for the Blind and the the school. Safety for all children to attend school, especially disabled children is a high priority. We saw the rising waters and devastating floods, the dangers to the students and their school, we knew we must act. And act, we did. Through a very generous donation from long time supporters of Give Children A Choice, and our GoFundMe donors, we were able to raise enough funds to build a new retaining wall to keep out the flood waters. This wall is strong enough to withstand torrential rains and floods for the next several decades. On behalf of Give Children A Choice we thank all of you who got involved in making the Khon Kaen School For the Blind a safer place.