We are o our way to see Jii Nou for the first time in 3 months. He’s grown a lot. He’s doing very well at CCD Rainbow House. They give him lots of attention and take very good care of him. He’s come a long way. Last month Jii Nou was featured in the 1st edition of CCD News and made the cover page! He has even caught the attention of volunteers from the prestigious Bangkok International School. Last month I was notified by one of the English CCD volunteers that because of Jii Nou’s good English skills, they would like to have him join them once a week for classes there. No promises, but we sent them a huge report on Jii Nou so they can decide whether or not he is a good candidate. My wish of course is that Jii Nou does make it into that school even if it is for only 1 day a week. I feel he needs to use his English-language skills so he doesn’t lose them. Doors will open in the future for him if he can read and write too. Tonight we are traveling to go to a Mother’s Day Event at the school tomorrow. I can’t wait to see him and give him a big hug and kiss. Here are some very nice pictures of Jii Nou’s day to day activities. As you can see, he is never bored. They have so much help for JiiNou. He also has lots of friends too. I can see Jii Nou really flourishing here.

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