A few months ago we started work on a children’s bathroom project at our Frank W Manley Children’s Learning Center in Kokpherng Village, Sang Thong District, Vientiane Capital. Our project in Kokpherng is by far the largest project we have undertaken. The Children’s Learning Center is a huge building that has four classrooms and a huge multi-functional room in the center of the building. There is a preschool and a fully functional computer learning center where local children get their first exposure to computer learning. The bathroom project has four toilet rooms, two for boys and two for girls, there are two squat toilets and two sit down toilets. There are two shower rooms with three shower heads in each room, the boys and girls sides are separated by a common sink area which has four sinks. Dori and Thongchanh traveled to Kokpherng to inspect the finished project today. This is a much needed addition to the learning center.