Christian Foundation for the Blind Thailand (CFBT) Khon Kaen. For the last two rainy seasons, the rains were particularly harsh. The school dual pumps and the local village pumps were pumping waters to the nearby lakes 7 by 24. Last season, during a torrential rainy days, the campus wall to the south collapsed and retained water created a flash flood onto the campus raising the campus water levels to five feet. First floor facilities (dorm rooms, canteen, school offices, classrooms) were inundated. Their contents destroyed. With help from the Thai Army and local volunteers, the children safe and were taken by army boats and trucks to CFBT’s vocation college campus 30 km’s away.

CFBT for two years were aware of the collapsed walls weakness and solicited funds to no avail.

Give Children A Choice’s long-time supporters came to the rescue. An 86 meter long (almost the length of a football field) industrial-strength wall is being built to withstand 2 meters’ height of water.

The wall is now 50% complete. It should be done in May. The rainy season can start as early as June.

God bless our donors for their generosity. The 120+ blind students will be safely out of harms’ way.

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