Jii Nou Update! Jii Nou has been on school break this month and Barbara has been caring for him. This morning I was able to get some recent pictures and an update on Jii Nou. While Jii Nou is at school he is only receiving physical therapy once a week, for Jii Nou it is not enough, Barbara has worked with him everyday all month on strengthening his legs and back. Swimming has also proven to be helpful in the therapy routine to strengthen his back. Jii Nou has had check ups with his pediatric neurologist, a pediatric physical therapist, his orthopedic surgeon and has also been fitted for new braces and shoes. Caring for Jii Nou is extremely time consuming and by the time the end of the day comes exhaustion has set in. Once Jii Nou is back in school and Barbara has rested up I am sure she will provide many more details than I can at the present time. In the mean time enjoy these photos of Jii Nou! Thank you all for your support.

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