Mommy Diaries – Jii Nou Update – Sept 6th 2017

We made it to Khon Kaen to see JiiNou!  He is doing well in school.  He is in grade 1.  He speaks Thai fluently now.  He still speaks English, but reverts to Thai frequently.  He has made many friends and has matured a lot since we have last seen him. Everyone loves him and gives him so much attention.  We came today to bring him to immigration to complete more steps to his getting a 1 year student visa.  More letters to write.  He must be legally put into their system as a student.  He must go to immigration every 90 days to check in.  We are also taking him to see the orthopedic surgeon for another follow-up evaluation.  So far, JiiNou has been super pleasant.  His demeanor seems calm but responsive and mature like I already said. School seems to be the right place for him.  I guess he is finally growing up now.  He was very happy to leave though saying ” I want to go home”.  We asked him why and he replied .  ” I want to watch TV. “.  He also asked for the phone and Elmo song. We took him to dinner and he even fed himself.  He was super messy but he ate an adult portion of chicken fried rice and an omelette with no complaints of fuss.  After we finished…  He quietly said ” Mom, I love you.” Yes… I had tears in my eyes.



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