We visited the Khon Kaen School for the Blind today. They suffered 2 flash floods resulting from the deterioration of the retaining wall that is keeping the water from coming into the school grounds. Much of the school’s first floor was destroyed or damaged. No kitchen so meals are being delivered daily. The rainy season is far from being over with many more potential rains and flooding to come. Why is Give Children as Choice involved? It’s called paying it forward. 4 years ago, the wonderful folks here helped us to navigate the unknown prospects for a young Bombie survivor, Kayeng Yang. They found him a great school in Kao Yai. He is doing very well and is happy at school. They also aided in the admission process for schooling for JiiNou Yang, the CP boy we found in the jungle in Laos. They help so many kids, it’s time for us to help if we can.  Let’s raise the funds to rebuild/replace the retaining wall.

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