The Christian Foundation for the Blind, Thailand has a school for the blind in Khon Kaen, Thailand.  We have worked with them before when we were placing a young UXO victim who was blinded by a bombie get into a school for the blind in Thailand as well as getting in Jii Nou in school in Khon Kaen.  They are dear friends of Give Children of Choice.  They help so many blind and disabled children in Thailand and through us, Laos as well.

The flooding has been terrible this year.   Tonight many children have no where to sleep because of massive flooding from the never ending torrential rains that have been plaguing this part of the world during the rainy season.  Many of the children have been sent back to their home villages and others have been taken to a neighboring vocational blind school.  They have lost many items and are in need of blankets, clothes, clean water and food.  We are investigating what steps could be taken to minimize the flooding in the future.


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