A huge thank you to Mr. Winit and Miss Raissa for helping us secure a Thai Education Visa for Jii Nou.  We took JiiNou to the Thai Immigration office to sort out all paperwork to get him a Thai student visa for attending school in Khon Kaen.  He is now legally able to stay for 1 year.  JiiNou has so many guardian angels moving him forward to a better life.  He is definitely the “Come Back
Kid.”  All of us, including all his Facebook supporters have helped him in so many ways to get where he is today.  For that, I thank you all so very much for your love and support for this child.  As you all well know, just 14 month ago JiiNou, a severely disabled 6 year old child, was found abandoned in a jungle hut outside of Vientiane. He went days without food or water. Unable to move an inch without help, he lay there struggling to stay alive.  He is now in great hands with legal status not only Laos but also in Thailand.  This is a great gift for him. This means he will have a better future as they put greater attention towards all disabled children.  Mr. Winit pushed hard to get JiiNou into the Thai school with a little known new law that states Thailand cannot deny admission to foreign disabled children.  It was this law that enabled JiiNou to enter into the school even though he fell short of the requirements.  He now has a chance by performance to overcome his disabilities and soar.  

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