It’s been a long year, but a year of great progress for this once severely malnourished CP boy, we now know as Jii Nou. In the grander scheme, progress is good and we are still optimistic with our perservering through lots of disappointments along the way (as we’ve shared).

Coincidentally, we are in Khon Kaen, Thailand yesterday and today still trying to find a more permanent solution for Jii Nou. A solution that addresses his medical, dental, rehabilitation, educational, social and psychological paths to the best possible future, given the available resources. We’re exploring the legal/regulatory leverage to help Jii Nou, which is difficult for us as foreigners. A close Thai friend is helping us.

Details will follow over the next few days. We ourselves are fascinated when speaking to the nurses and doctors at Srinagarind Hospital and Khon Kaen Hospital yesterday. Jii Nou helped us. He communicated directly with the doctors and nurses in Thai to explain his current medical situation.

It’s important that we share his progress with you. Jii Nou followers have provided extraordinary support to enable us to enable Jii Nou. Without it, none of his progress would have been possible.

Jii Nou will remember all his followers for what you’ve done for him. He may not understand today, but he will understand when he is older.

We continue to be cautiously optimistic.

Video from a year ago.

Photos from this week below:

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