We visited Jii Nou’s special education school in Nong Khai to receive Jii nou’s 16-page letter of recommendation to attend the Khon Kaen’s Siriwan School for the Disabled. His Nong Khai counselor said the recommendation is good, but the decision is solely dependent upon the Siriwan school director. She said we must take Jii Nou to Khon Kaen before May 1st, so a tentative date is set in a couple of weeks. We have concerns with his preparedness. We will confer with Khon Kaen friend for his guidance. We hope for the best for Jii Nou. Going to Siriwan is perfect for Jii Nou. He will flourish there. We continue to thank you for your continued support for this boy with no alternatives but the path that’s been paved for him. 

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