Jii Nou’s Future Education and Rehabilitation – Uncertain But Always Optimistic

We last reported that Jii Nou’s Nong Khai Disability School would not recommend Jii Nou to the Khon Kaen Sisawan School for the Disabled. It would have been an excellent opportunity for Jii Nou to get physical rehabilitation, an academic education, and a path to having a career. We reported that Jii Nou’s poor progress and stubborn attitude obviated that opportunity. We were shocked and disappointed. Our dreams for Jii Nou vanished.

We scrambled. We called everyone we knew who might help him. With much help, we found another small Catholic-based Khon Kaen disability school who would might accept Jii Nou. We drove to and introduced Jii Nou to the school on February 1. He was accepted. However, the school is a day school and we would have to find a 7 by 24 caretaker.

We continue to explore other options.

Jii Nou’s Medical Progress – Uncertain, but Closer to an Answer?

We also reported that we’ve been contemplating an operation for Jii Nou to help balance his brain signals to his legs. His neuro/orthopedic surgeon felt the operation would enable him to walk better. He would be ready when Jii Nou is able to sit (and he is). Yet, he suggested we meet another pediatric neurologist to examine Jii Nou.

JiiNou’s Nong Khai physical and occupational therapist (PT/OT) medical doctor feels Jii Nou can walk through physical rehabilitation. A Srinagarind Hospital PT/OT medical doctor diagnosed Jii Nou’s medical condition to be dystonic cerebral palsy, which is treated with clonadiazapam to relax his muscles.

When he takes this medicine, his legs do not fling out. His fisted right hand and arm relaxes. He no longer stutters. When the medicine wears out, he’s back to his original dystonic state. So, it works.

Coincidentally, all of the above doctors recommend that Jii Nou visit a pediatric neurologist who teaches at the Khon Kaen Hospital and accepts patients during only fours hours a week on Wednesday’s. Fast forward to February 8. We drove back to Khon Kaen to see her. Her diagnosis: dystonic cerebral palsy. She advises against an operation and prescribes the same medicine clonadiazapam.

Her professor and mentor happens to be Jii Nou’s neuro/orthopedic surgeon (who advised the operation). He’s in Dubai now. She will discuss her findings with him and let us know.

Bottomline? Wait.

In the meantime, Jii Nou continues his rehabilitation in Nong Khai. He is living with his Nong Khai caretaker Ms Ning.