Dori and Barbara are traveling to Khon Kaen so that Jii Nou and Mor Vue can receive their medical check-ups.

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A fun night at the arcade for Jii Nou and Mor Vue!

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A fun day with new donated clothing and a trip to the Khon Kaen Zoo!

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Good news, New news and More to Do

Despite our frustrations, we continue moving forward, searching for solutions for Jii Nou.

Our late January trip to Khon Kaen was productive for Jii Nou.

A Khon Kaen-based, Catholic supported disability school will accept Jii Nou. It is a day school, so we would need to find a full-time caretaker … a major challenge.

Jii Nou saw his neuro/orthopedic surgeon and physical therapy medical doctor. His physical therapy is doing well. Also, we may now have a definitive diagnosis for Jii Nou. He has Dystonia Cerebral Palsy (with some spasticity).

The prognoses vary. Some believe taking medicine for life solves his condition. His neuro/orthopedic surgeon recommends that he takes the medicine AND gets an operation. But, he suggested that Jii Nou see his collegial pediatric neurologist, who practices at Khon Kaen Hospital. Jii Nou will see her on February 8.

The big and new and surprising news is that Jii Nou has suddenly become an English conversationalist. We can have dialogues with him. His ability to construct sentences, convey ideas and experiences are sudden and wonderful. He can recite pages from the Cat and the Hat and other story books.

Jii Nou’s behavior improved tremendously because of his competitive spirit with Mor Vue’s presence (or jealousy or passiveness or insecurity). Being alone again, he does not feel the competitive pressure and is becoming lazy and needy. He is very attached to Barbara, which is natural. She’s a wonderful surrogate mother. Jii Nou has good moments and challenging moments. His general behavior and movements have improved, but it’s unclear how self-sustaining it is.

Cautious optimism.

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