The clothing donations are coming in. We have received several donations and haven’t opened them all yet, we will post as we open the packages.

Many children in the remote areas of Xieng Khouang Province do not have proper clothing for when the weather gets cold. Temperatures drop near freezing during the winter months in the mountainous areas, children dress scantily and many without shoes on their feet. This leads to sickness, suffering and in some cases severe illness and death.

Our Global Heartfelt Hatters group knit scarves and hats for the children, some sweaters as well. We collect gently used clothing and distribute it to the children in need in the remote areas. We will be traveling north again soon to distribute the items we have.

We appreciate all the donations of hats, scarves and clothing we have received, thank you!

Thank you to James and Carol Bishop of Hong Kong.

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Thank you to Dr. Ahn of the Nong Khai Hospital.

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Thank you Nadine Dayag!


Thank you Arthur Wong for your clothes and school supplies donation to Give Children A Choice. We greatly appreciate your packages!


Thank you Huang Tzu Yun for your clothes donation to help the children in the north stay warm! We greatly appreciate your donation!


Thank you Dr. Ingrid Suter and friends for your generous donation of baby clothing to help keep the smallest children warm! Your donations are greatly appreciated!

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Thank you Billy Tony for your generous donation of children’s hats, scarves, mittens and socks! These are so needed for the children in the remote areas in the north! Thank you so very much for your continued support!

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Thank you Barbara Shimoda for helping us to distribute 250 beanies to the children living in Lao’s to keep them warm and go thru this cold season.
Adopt-A-Hat project :…/ho…/adopt-a-hat-winter-project/   Thank you JoseTay!!

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