It wasn’t easy, but we found Jii Nou’s blood uncle in Yodtkha Village off the beaten path about 22 km from the Vietnam border. We met him for the first time.  It is he who was kind enough to put Jii Nou in his family book (in addition to his 10 children, 9 girls and 1 boy). Sadly, his 13 year old daughter had a serious throat infection at the age of four that left her deaf and mute. 

Haunted by the sight of Jii Nou’s paternal family in Xieng Khouang’s poor conditions, with the girls barefoot and no shoes to wear, we decided to buy some nice shoes and pretty socks for them to wear.  JiiNou’s uncle was so nice, as poor and injured as he was, we decided to gift them these presents for Hmong New Year and hopefully we can give them more.  JiiNou is able to have a passport and enjoy a better life now because of his generosity of heart. These are real children, with real issues that impede them from growing up to live a good life.  Our children and even JiiNou are so lucky to have so much.  Please be thankful of your circumstances and cherish the good life you are all able to enjoy. So many kids out there are suffering now and there is little we can do for them.

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