Mr. Yelee, a man whose legs were blown off by a detonated bombie in August 2008, and a success story.  We met him 10 days after his accident.  He was so poor, he could only afford to alternate his six children in school each year.  Two went to school one year, another two next year, etc.  Give Children A Choice made sure all six attended.  Mr Yelee languished for six years.  In 2014, he asked us if we would visit his family after he commited suicide.  With help from Yosh Yamanaka, we helped Mr Yelee open a minimart with ten items.  20 months later, his inventory has grown to 40-50 items, including gasoline.  His monthly turnover is 1-2,000,000 kips (125-250 usd).  He has regained his self-esteem, self-confidence and financial self-sustainability (and friends).  Years ago, we promised his son a computer after grade 2 of upper secondary. We delivered on our promise with a donated computer from BL Harbert. We gave him our old b/w printer.  He commited to work hard and go to university. (Note: I was blown away when I saw Mr Yelee riding his own motorbike that he drove 79 kilometres to pick up the computer. He is not only financially self sufficient but also self mobile.  Looking for funds to enable other bombie survivors and disabled people.)