Mor Vue Update.

Mor Vue registered at the Suane Luang Boarding School in Luang Prabang late last week.  Thank you Thongchanh for working with the provincial head of the Education and Sports Department to allow Mor Vue to be the first “foreign” student from outside Luang Prabang Province.  Thongchanh came by to see how Mor Vue is doing.  So far, she’s missing home and her family (natural reaction).  She already has nine friends, she says.  She likes the boarding school classes much more than her school at home.  Thongchanh purchased her the necessary supplies for school and living, including her school uniform.  Everything is progressing nicely.  Next steps is to follow up with the nearby health clinic to ensure they will administer her growth hormones (administration stuff and some training).  As well, she needs to catch up on her lessons (school had already started).  She’s only a week or two behind, so not a big deal.  And continue to make more friends. In three weeks, she will go to Khon Kaen Thailand’s Srinagarind Hospital to meet her perdiatric endocrinologist Dr. Ouyporn with the expectation of receiving her growth hormone and other critical pituitary hormone prescriptions. This is a major deal!!!

Again, none of this would have been possible without the help of those who contributed to Give Children A Choice’s Medical and Education Fund. Thank you so much for your support !!!

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