Jii Nou is making lots of progress!  In the video clip below he is getting a facial massage to help stimulate his oral and facial muscles.  He is crying at the beginning but it didn’t take long for him to happy!

Jii Nou’s Facial Massage

Jii Nou can now rollover!  Something most of us do not think twice about.  Volunteers Ruth and Yssai have been working with Jii Nou, and they, along with the COPE Center, are performing miracles with Jii Nou!

Rolling Over and Over

Jii Nou is slowly learning to walk with a little help from his friends!

One Step at a Time

After therapy and a very progressive day we went to Ruth’s house where Jii Nou feels right at home.  Without our many volunteers we would not be reporting the amazing progress that we are.  We are so very grateful to all who have donated and all who have spent time with Jii Nou.  As you can see the last month has been miraculous!

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