Jii Nou has had another busy day; medical check-up, dentist appointment, and second day of therapy. The medical exam showed that he is anemic and has parasites. Chronically starved, he has been subject to watching his family eat while he goes hungry. The parasites are more than likely from eating bad food with very dirty hands. The team purchased medicines to get rid of the worms and parasites and special multivitamins to help him grow. Another check up in one month to see if there are improvements in height and weight. Surprisingly, bravely and cooperatively, Jii Nou did wonderful today and was very tired at the end of the day. Thank you to all who have donated to Give Children A Choice to make these changes possible. We still need more help, please donate at the link on the website, give what you can, every dollar counts and will be used for Jii Nou’s care.

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Check out some of the short videos from today:

Jii Nou at the Dentist

Waiting for Medical Test Results

Day 2 of Physical Therapy

Working on Motor Skills

Jii Nou Using a Spoon