A busy day for all involved in bringing much needed changes to Jii Nou’s life.  His new guardians, Anouson and Lamina Thoj brought him to Vientiane and he was given a check up at the hospital and then had his first visit to the COPE Center.  Nadine Dayag, a good friend and long time supporter of Give Children A Choice came by the COPE Center to present a new stroller, clothes and toys to Jii Nou and spent time with him as well.  We are grateful to everyone who has helped get Jii Nou to this point but the work is just now starting.  We feel that with therapy, love and proper nutrition Jii Nou can greatly improve his current condition.  Below are photos from today’s medical visits with Jii Nou.

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Here are links to a few short videos taken today:

Jii Nou at COPE Center

Jii Nou at COPE Center

Nadine and Jii Nou

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