A heartfelt thank you to Noy Srisouphan of Dallas, Texas for her fundraising efforts to benefit Give Children A Choice. On February 10th, MASSAGE FOR A CAUSE was held at ‘The People’s Last Stand’ (Tapas Bar and Restaurant) in Dallas, Texas. Noy and her therapist colleagues and friends; David Gates, Paulo Garcia, Jasmine Morris, Janie Gomez and Jose Morales used their talents to provide patrons, family and friends massages, sold handmade soap and accepted donations for the children Give Children A Choice assists in Laos. They raised over $1,200.!! Thank you to everyone who helped out and all those who enjoyed a massage for a great cause. We look forward to meeting Noy next month when she travels to Laos for a visit.

This donation will be the first in a campaign to raise the necessary funds to add an additional room to our Kokngiew Preschool in Luang Prabang Province. Kokngiew has a wonderful program, bursting at the seams with children and serves as a model school for the Luang Prabang Provincial Education and Sports Department. We will need your support to provide them the room they need, stay tuned for more information soon.

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