The team is back in Laos and Mor Vue, her brother and Kayeng’s Grandparents are back to their respective villages in Xieng Khouang Province. Thongchanh is home in Luang Prabang and his family.

The team left Bumrungrad in the evening and headed back to Khao Yai to pick up Kayeng’s Grandparents. They had returned a couple of days earlier from Bangkok with Kayeng to the Makutkiriwan School for the Blind. There was a happy reunion for Kayeng with his teachers and friends at school but then a tearful goodbye when it came time for his grandparents to leave and head back to Laos. You can see the love between them. You can see the appreciation they have for the teachers and director at the school. They are so proud of Kayeng and how far he has come, how smart he is and how he is so giving and happy all the time. He is just a lovable child.

It’s not a goodbye, it is so long until next time.

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