Mor Vue is a beautiful young lady, this week she will turn ‘Sweet Sixteen’!  The only thing she wants is to look her age, not like a preschooler.

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Mor Vue is undergoing a battery of tests to find out why she is not growing. She is very frail and quite scared until one of the nurses started to speak to her in Hmong. Barbara was with her the entire time, but she felt better having someone who could communicate with her personally. We need more funding to help her. Her tests in excess of $1000.USD . So far we raised less than that and paid for the initial growth hormone testing, bone density testing, chromosome testing , Not including MRI /Scan … yet to be determined. Treatment and cost will be discussed with the Endocrinologist after the tests come back today. Please share with anyone who can help her and would like to make a donation on her behalf. You can donate securely via the Home Page.  Thank you so much! Let’s help this young lady get all the proper testing and treatment she needs!

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