What’s the good news? We spent time earlier this week to thank Mr. Kingphet and to get to know his UXO removal team members (mostly women) for their help. Most recently, they helped us by clearing school grounds for our new schools at Phawai Village and Na Oh Village. (Today, they had to stay at the Xieng Khouang UXO LAO office. Weather was too rainy and cold to work outside, so it gave us time to meet and get to know them.) Sadly, as Mr Kingphet who lost his mother and brother from bombie explosions, many workers had family member accidents or deaths due to bombie explosions. All should applaud and be proud of their efforts, risking their lives everyday to make Xieng Khouang a safer place to learn, work, play and live.

The Give Children A Choice Team are well received by UXO Lao . Yosh Yamanaka and Shuja Paul are doing interviews on women EOD technicians.

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