In mid-November we were asked to provide blankets to the Luang Prabang Orphanage to keep the children warm on those chilly nights.

We put a call out for donations and found an angel, Dara Baccam.  Dara made an initial donation for the project.  We searched Vientiane and found a gentleman at the Chinese market who was so moved by what we were trying to do and gave us the best price he possibly could.  That initial purchase was 140 blankets.

We needed 370 more to be able to provide each child at the orphanage one.  The moment that second call for donations went out Dara Baccam stepped up and donated the funds necessary to purchase all of them.  We were so grateful, but not amazed by her generosity, we already knew she was generous, she has been a supporter of Give Children A Choice for many years.

The blankets were purchased in Vientiane, shipped to Luang Prabang where they were sorted and put into protective bags by Thongchanh and Good.  Ready for distribution to the children at the orphanage.

The best part was yet to come.  Dara and friends were coming to Luang Prabang to present the blankets to the children themselves!  It was a wonderful day, Dara and her friend Thep Thavonsouk both gave moving, tearful speeches and everyone understood the true meaning of love and generosity.

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