This unfolding story is a journey on a road less traveled.

Give Children A Choice received an email on September 16 from supporter B.L. Harbert. They finished building the new US Embassy. It was time to close down their operations.

B.L. Harbert offered their 450 square meter/4800 square foot operations center. We had three weeks to remove the building. The task seemed overwhelming and unachievable. Budget? Logistics? Reconstruction? And, to whom do we give it?

We remembered a conversation with the Ministry of Education and Sports, Director of Preschool and Primary School Education.. He spoke in passing about primary school children having an activity room. (Today, schools have classrooms only). Thus, giving birth of our Children’s Learning Center idea.

But, where? How? We visited a number of villages needing expanded school facilities over the last two years. We needed to review our notes and act quickly.

Stay tuned.

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