Thachok and Phawai preschoolers were mesmerized, anxious and excited to receive a goodie bag filled with a stuffed animal, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a dozen goodies. Took a picture of a proud little boy as he surprisingly held up his bag of Pavy goodies. Thank you Pavy Thao Stacey and your children, who must have worked tirelessly to put these goodie bags together and shipped them from the USA to Laos.

Hopeful Encounter’s Arick Xiong lived in the Thai refugee camps when he was young. He reminisced when he received packages from groups like Give Children A Choice and A Hopeful Encounter. He recalled thinking that the people who gave things away were Gods. Well, far from it, but it gives a sense of how much these gifts mean to the children.
Thank you Pavy and family! You thrilled at least 100 preschoolers, giving them a day they will never forget, like Arick.!

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