We were walking in Thachok Village. A young man in a camouflage jacket recognized us and asked us to help his younger sister, Mor Vue. A preschool girl-sized girl stood behind this young man. She wore a beautiful smile, beautiful long hair.

Very shy, she smiled and said “Hello” in English. Unusual for a preschooler. (She knew us because we helped her crippled cousin Yer Vue.) Her brother and family were concerned about Mor Vue’s future. We asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up. She says that, “I want to be a big girl.” Translating her response from Hmong to English.

Yes. We’ve seen her in the village preschool Give Children A Choice built. In fact, we recollect seeing her in preschool class a few years back. She is now in 8th grade.

We learned Mor Vue is 15 YEARS OLD. She has not grown since she was five years old.

We met her family, including her siblings. She was treated like a preschooler; she acted like a young teenager.
Our hearts fell for her. We want to see what we can do for her. Wondering if others would like to help her?

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