If you remember Mr. Yelee, his legs were blown off by a hidden UXO as he was clearing new land for his growing family in August 2008.  His life readjusting to normalcy has been tough to say the least. He’s suffered in pain, isolation, lack of self-confidence/self esteem, neighborly rejection, etc. since.

GCAC provided support to keep his children in school and to assist with clothes, food, pain killers, guidance and general support during the early years. In recent years, with help from GCAC supporters providing him enabling tools, e.g., a tractor, the store, education for his kids. He’s continues to progress now.

He received a tractor from the Harvard-Westlake students. It’s allowed him to progress his family’s well-being and property (see pictures).

Donor Yosh Yamanaka offered to help Mr. Yelee start his own business, selling common household goods in his neighborhood. This includes, eggs, soap, laundry detergent, noodles, snacks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, cooking oil, soft drinks, beer and mobile top up cards, and other items.

Spoke with the naibane. He agreed it is a good idea. The closest market is over one mile away. There are 32-52 households in the neighborhood. And, being the first store in his neighborhood gives Mr Yelee a potential advantage.
Give Children A Choice assisted Mr. Yelee find suppliers. As important is finding suppliers who would allow Yelee to make future purchases by phone, arrange transportation to the bus station in Phonsavan where buses will deliver the goods to his store in Yodt Phair, and collect payments on behalf of the supplier.

Impressive is that we found oldest son Yenglee built a store front at the front of their yard.

First day sales were 200,000 kips ($25 USD). His first week’s sales exceeded 1,000,000 kips. He’s already ordered more merchandise with his sales money.

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