Some of you may remember when we found YerVue hidden in her relative’s home. She walked on all fours. Avoided by children beyond her family. She was “bad luck” because of her disability.

She’s since learned to walk with support from our FB friends and her Dad’s dedication and commitment.. Her teacher reported that her brother carried her to school and back home all last year. This year. She is walking to school.

She attends school daily. Has lots of friends. Gets lots of support. She’s happy. She’s giving.

Her teacher says that she does the best she can to keep up with her friends. When she runs with them, she inevitably falls. Laughs. Friends help her up or she sometimes insists on getting up herself.

We learned that she is behind with her writing skills, thus needs extra practice with her a, b, c’s. We want to purchase alphabet writing practice books, pencils and a desk/chair for her.

During a visit to the provincial rehab center to get her a new brace late last year, we learned that Yer Vue sits on squat toilets and brace herself with her hands on the urine-splattered, filthy toilet. Disgusting. But, it’s the best she can do.

Again, we appeal to you to help her. We received a donation from Mirra Raxakoul Desuasido purchase a toilet. The toilet was delivered to the school. We need funds to hire a construction company/handyman to replace a school squat toilet with a sit down. As well, need to purchase two support two bars to enable her to support herself while going to the bathroom.

Please help Yer Vue. She’s made so much progress to date. Five hundred dollars allows us to install the sit down toilet at her school, purchase support bars, purchase a porta potty (see picture) for her home, and purchase practice writing books, a desk and chair to practice her a, b, c’s.

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