Ban Phawai’s two-room half school and 3rd grade temporary bamboo school will be replaced with a two-building, six-room preschool/primary school and bathrooms. Funds will come from the American School of Vientiane Alumni (ASV), Australian Embassy DAP program, Give Chidlren A Choice donors, and A Hopeful Encounter.

This project is out of the ordinary for GCAC. District recommended the village for a preschool. GCAC visited Phawai Village and learned villagers had plans to build a very basic school structure for 7 million kips ($1000 USD) plus the wood gathered from the jungle. GCAC donors offered to assist with additional funding and construction expertise. Phawai villagers will provide construction labor to build with the builder’s staff.

Visited the naibane Tuesday afternoon/evening in preparation for the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing with the Nong Hed District Education and Sports Department Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday, naibane, our builder Mr. Keo and GCAC agreed on the terms for construction. As well, the MOU with the District Education and Sports Dept, builder and GCAC was signed. Plans for land preparation and school placement was reiterated.

Anxious villagers joined together and traveled to a nearby jungle to cut one tree to provide adequate wood for the school project.

Other adminsitrative steps must be completed and construction will begin, targeted for April 1st.
Stay tuned for updates.

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