The Xieng Nga Preschool was funded by the many many Give Children A Choice supporters. Thank you all.


The Xieng Nga Preschool has already 29 preschool children attending. The preschoolers are from Xieng Nga and two nearby villages (both about 1/2 kilometers away) in addition to Xieng Nga Village across the road. The primary school is next door to the new preschool, so the primary school siblings and neighbors walk the preschoolers to preschool and home.


Preschool was already being held in primary school, so the two preschool teachers were ecstatic to have their own classroom with bathrooms, clean water. The school was fully equipped with fans, lights, desks and school supplies.



Donated soap was also distributed to the preschool children after Barbara explained the importance of hand washing with soap at those before eating, after playing outside, etc.


The villagers held a baci to show their appreciation.


The village leaders, principal and teachers, and families exclaimed they are so lucky to have a brand new, sturdy preschool for their children.

Thank you Give Children A Choice supporters. Your preschool will last for generations.


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