Thank you Denise and Michael McCarthy for your incredible generosity for continuing to help the Lao children in poor remote villages. Hearty thanks to both of you.


The Phonxay School preschool is located about 15 kilometers south of the Xieng Khouang capital city of Phonsavan. 32 preschool children are registered and are attending the preschool. They come from four nearby villages: Ban Hoy, Ban Phonxay, Ban Tham, Ban Thong.


The preschool is beautiful and very nicely done. It is a large one-room preschool with two private bathrooms and sinks, running water, electricity for fans and lights. The classroom was fully furnished with desks. School supplies and toys were provided.



Give Children A Choice will providing daily multiple vitamins for every preschool child, ages 1 through 5 in Khoun District as well as providing neonatal vitamins for every pregnant mother for the next year.

Barbara spent time to explain to the preschool children and parents of the importance of hand washing. Give Children A Choice soap was donated to distribute to the children.


Thank you again Denise and McCarthy. You’re angels! The villagers are grateful.

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