Give Children A Choice’s Barbara and Dori Shimoda drove to Khao Yai, Thailand to visit Kayeng. Kayeng has been living at the Makutkiriwan School for the Blind for over five months now. He speaks only Thai now. Kayeng is under exceptional care at the school. He’s growing and he’s healthy. (He lives with the other students. His father returned to Laos in April. He missed his wife.)

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Give Children A Choice is very, very excited to see Kayeng acclimating so nicely in his new environment.

Kayeng told us that he is at school to learn. He loves school. While he misses his family, he wants to stay at school to learn. Kayeng’s best friend is Peak who is one year older than Kayeng (four years old). Kayeng is the third youngest of 13 students. The school will grow to 19. The newest student is a three-year old Thai girl, who will be joining the school next week.

Phase 1 of the school is almost complete and Phase 2 will begin construction shortly. Phase 1 has an administrative office building, the meeting rooms, classrooms, temporary student bedrooms with bathrooms, and temporary homestay rooms for visitors. Phase 2 will consist of dormitories, homestay facilities, nurses station, cafeteria and sports facilities.

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The Makutkiriwan School for the Blind is in located in Khao Yai, near the Khao Yai National Forest, whose elevation is 1000 feet and the climate temperate. Temperatures average around 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

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