Kayeng is now attending school at the new Makutkiriwan School for the Blind, located in Chao Yai, Korat, Thailand. It is located about 3 hours north of Bangkok. The school is sponsored by the Luangpu Bunyarit, a monk who will be 100 years old on February 18, 2014. Senior Monk Bunyarit’s students over the years are funding the Makutkiriwan Foundation, who in turn is supporting the school construction and operations. The head monk of the Makutkiriwan has been anxious to have Kayeng join the school.

Classes are temporarily held at a local resort, while Phase 1 of the new school construction is in process. Phase 1 will include the Foundation offices and the school office space, and the school classrooms. Phase 2 will include dormitories,health facilities, canteen, swimming pool. The school will accommodate 60 blind children from the 10 ASEAN countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. Kayeng is the first student from Laos.

The students range from 3 to 12 years old. Students live without the parents at the school. Kayeng’s Dad will stay with Kayeng for a few months because Kayeng only knows Hmong and classes are taught in Thai, Englsh and Chinese.

We are very excited for Kayeng. Board members of the Foundation comprise former Prime Minister’s daughter, a Senator, senior members of other blind schools. Established resources developed by other blind schools are being shared with the Makutkiriwan School for the Blind to help them get up to speed quickly. We are told that Kayeng may be taking his first field trip with three other students to Bangkok in February.

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