Kayeng and his family come to Vientiane to visit GCAC

Kayeng and his family come to Vientiane so that Give Children A Choice can take them to Bangkok, Thailand for further treatment and checkups from his surgeries at Bumrungrad Hospital.

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One Year Later – Kayeng Visits Bangkok – January 2014

It’s been a year since Kayeng’s major, life-saving operation at Bumrungrad International Hospital. This time, his Mom, Dad and baby sister Lee accompanied Kayeng to Bangkok. Kayeng visited our two dedicated doctors Dr. Nattawut and Dr. Somboon. They checked Kayeng’s healing. His nasal cavity was healing fine as well as his right nostril opening. Dr. Somboon felt that Kayeng should wait until he’s a bit older before the final nose and upper lip reconstruction, but wanted to confer with the other surgeons before making a final recommendation. Dr. Nattawut cleaned Kayeng’s eyes. They were dirty. The parents were instructed to clean them more frequently.

Kayeng was well remembered by the Bumrungrad staff. The nurses just coddled over Kayeng, gave him a bag of goodies, and an envelope.

Visiting Bangkok for the first time was very intimidating but comfortingly fun, Kayeng’s Mom experienced the big city of Bangkok for the first time. She had many new experiences: escalators, elevators, the Skytrain, department stores, 10 lane highways, fast driving cars and trucks, traffic jams, crowds of people, McDonalds. She was overwhelmed and was happy just staying in her hotel room, when given a choice.

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