Reading Book Delivery – Pak Khan Preschool – Next Stop

Our next stop was our Pak Kahn Preschool. The preschool is located in the Xieng Nguen District Center (actually, co-located on the same grounds as the district government offices), located about 45 minutes south of Luang Prabang city on Highway 13 south.

Encouraging children to read (or at least looking at pictures in the beginning) during their formative years is an excellent investment in a child’s their future.

Reading helps a child in many ways. It helps brain development during the their first six years, when the brain is growing the fastest. Reading and listening to the teacher read instills a lifelong love of learning.

Reading opens the door to your child’s early academic success, imparts a love of learning and leads to higher grades in every subject. It improves a child’s attention spans and better concentration. Early readers not only become lifelong readers, but also lifelong learners.

A child who learns to read encourages their self-confidence, self-image, independence, curiosity, creativity and imagination. Reading improves a child’s vocabulary, grammar, writing, spelling and communications.

Read more about the Pak Khan Preschool here.

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Reading Book Delivery – Aine Savanh Village – Next Stop

Aine Savanh Village is dear to Give Children A Choice. In 2002, the village leader Lung Chak allowed Give Children A Choice (before Give Children A Choice became an NGO) to learn about how to help the Lao children in remote villages. With Lung Chak taking care of the government approvals to put a gravity-fed water system in a back section of the village of recent newcomers, electricity into 17 homes, and finally Give Children A Choice’s first preschool. First American Corporation was our first major corporate donor.


This preschool was completed in 2003. In 2013, the preschool was refurbished by the UK John Hampden Grammar School students. The students did a terrific job. They were so moved by the villagers that they pitched in and doubling the size of the team repairing and fixing up the preschool. Kudos the John Hampden Grammar School.

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