Reading Book Delivery – Phou Leuay Preschool – First Stop

We drove from Vientiane to Luang Prabang on December 23rd to begin delivering the picture reading books, donated by Give Children A Choice supporters. Phou Leuay Preschool was one of our first two stops in Phou Khoun District, Luang Prabang Province about 275 kilometers from Vientiane.

School was out, when we arrived. Children were walking home. They saw our Give Children A Choice logo on our car and ran to greet us. The teachers followed.

Books were gratefully accepted. The teachers said that books were sorely needed. One boy saw the books and anxiously nudged his way into our conversation circle and immediately began perusing the books.

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Reading Book Delivery – Na Nan Preschool – Next Stop

We met a very dedicated preschool teacher at Na Nan Village, located in Phou Khoun District, Luang Prabang Province. It is about 290 kilometers from Vientiane on Highway 7, which would lead us towards Xieng Khouang Province to Vietnam.

Ms. Khamphet began working as an intern at the Na Nan Preschool at the beginning of this school year. As an intern, she does not receive salary yet. Her classroom is very organized, filled with children’s work and her personal children’s activity. She used her personal family money to buy school supplies for her classroom.

She was so excited to receive the books. She thanked Give Children A Choice and its donors (Lao Emerald Friends) for their thoughtfulness.

The school is six years old. It was funded by Give Children A Choice’s Barbara Shimoda’s generous clients and her former company’s profits. It is in excellent shape. Bathrooms are clean and with running water. The playground equipment needs some repairs, though.

Unfortunately, because of our late arrival, the preschoolers were not there. Na Nan schools were host to a regional sports event in a nearby village. Its students had gone there to participate in the event’s activities.

Give Children A Choice volunteered to provide more school supplies for Ms. Khamphet. Sok Dee Pimai! (Happy New Year!)

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