B.L. Harbert arrived with a Big Cat (Catepillar) bulldozer and backhoes., a civil engineer Mr. Mark and a work team. The narrow street turns to the school were just wide enough to bring the 18-wheeler flatbed truck in with the Big Machines.



The Big Machine operators immediately began ripping through the soggy wet soil of the school grounds. Within hours, most of the 20 inches of soggy soil was pushed to the side, preparing the school grounds to receive new soil that is relatively impervious to water. Combination clay/sandy soil was saved from the new US Embassy compound building site, and will be sifted and transported to the school grounds.





In the meantime, B.L. Harbert engineers inspected the progress at the school building site. The site was prepared with retaining walls to hold the sandfill. 8 truckloads of sand were brought in to level the ground. After the sand was set, forms, plastic sheeting was laid and the metal mesh laid to be ready for the cement pouring.

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Give Children A Choice’s Dori and Project manager Mr. Nick came by to review the work and gave the thumbs up.

Great coordination; great progress.

School administrators and teachers are ecstatic. Students are curious. All are in awe and overwhelmed by the speed and magnitude of this project.

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