Greetings from Dori.

My life has been full of adventures, challenges, experiences and perspectives. I’ve been told by many that I should write a book about them.

While the events themselves are interesting, I think what is worth writing about are the perspectives and lessons learned. Particularly, for the younger people, if they have the inclination to read something written by an older person, perhaps there are some nuggets of knowledge or wisdom that they can take away from my writings, that may be helpful for them.

You will read about my perspectives with being kidnapped at gun point (which was life changing for me), my living in a world of silence and sound; avoiding being imprisoned in a foreign country, building preschools in a country I knew little about, working at some of the world’s largest banks, and many others, some dramatic and some very mundane.

Given my attention span and self discipline, I think this blog will be the closest thing to writing a book.

Let me know what you think about. Criticize it, question it, add to it. I’d love to hear your perspectives.

Thank you,


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